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12mm DC Gear Motor Micro Mount Bracket N20

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This is a compact mounting bracket ideally designed for N20 micro gear motors. This gear motor mount bracket is made of plastic material and this mounting clip is designed to fit the N20 micro gear motors.

Features Of Mounting Bracket For N20 Micro 12mm DC Gear Motor:

  • These plastic brackets make fitting N20 Micro metal gear motors a cinch.
  • The brackets have two hexagonal holes to hold each nut securely.
  • The M2 (2mm diameter) screws are fixed 18mm apart.
  • We provide 2 screws with nuts with each bracket

Specifications Of 12mm DC Gear Motor Mounting Bracket DIY RC Toy Car Part Accessory:

  1. Mounting Bracket Height: 11mm
  2. Mounting Bracket Width: 25mm
  3. Hole Distance: Approx. 18mm
  4. Screw Hole: M2
  5. Material: ABS plastic

Package Includes:

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