NE555 Timer Switch Adjustable Module Time delay relay Module DC 12V

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This is a brand new and high-quality delay turn-on module. Using high-performance timing CPU design. The power indicator LED and switch trigger timing indication LEDs. The output can be connected to AC 250V 10A DC 30V 10A load. There is the chronopotentiometry regulation time, adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds by default, or by changing the capacitance adjustment time longer.


  1. Module-based on: NE555 chip.
  2. Delay modue:delay connect module
  3. Input voltage: DC12V
  4. Control voltage: AC 0~250V/max. 10A, DC 
  5. 0~30V/max. 10A
  6. The operating voltage: 12V DC (otherwise 5V optional)
  7. Max. load: 2200W
  8. Product size: approx. 
  9. 68*22*18mm/2.67*0.86*0.7"
  10. Net weight: approx. 34g

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