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On Delay Timer Relay For Disinfection Gate

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Refer to the technical datasheet for more details. This relay has an only on-delay function.

Relay technical details:

  • Contact type:
    • DPDT
  • Contact ratings:
    • 250V
    • 3A
  • Operating voltage:
    • 200-220VAC
  • Indicator:
    • 1x red LED indicating operating voltage/timer presence
    • 1x red LED indicating relay operation


Voltage (V) 220/230/240/250
Voltage Type AC
Current (Amps) 3
Application On – Delay Timer
Number of Poles 8 Pins
Brand Fuji Electric
Product Code ST Timer
Time Limit 60 sec.
Frequency 50Hz
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece

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