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OneRNG V2.0 Board Shield Open Hardware Random Number Generator

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OneRNG is an entropy source/hardware random number generator (HWRNG), designed to be connected via USB to your computer. Entropy is collected from an avalanche diode circuit and optionally an RF circuit, whitened and presented over a USB/Serial connection.

The provision of entropy to your computer system is critical for any software security system to be effective. There are many potential sources of entropy, but the majority of them are susceptible to biases & attacks that can result in the subversion of your privacy & security. Many of these attacks are undetectable in normal working conditions.

In order to address these problems, we present OneRNG. This is deliberately a simple device, which means that instead of having to blindly trust the hardware you are attaching to your computer, you have the ability to verify that the software and hardware of this device is to your standards.

Product Detail

Package Include:

  • 1 x oneRNG V2.0 Board

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