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OP177 SMD High Bandwidth Operational Amplifiers Ultraprecision Operational Amplifier

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The OP177 features one of the highest precision performance of any operational amplifier currently available. Offset voltage of the OP177 is only 25 μV maximum at room temperature. The ultralow VOS of the OP177 combines with the exceptional offset voltage drift (TCVOS) of 0.3 μV/°C maximum to eliminate the need for external VOS adjustment and increases system accuracy over temperature. 

The OP177 open-loop gain of 12 V/μV is maintained over the full ±10 V output range. CMRR of 130 dB minimum, PSRR of 120 dB minimum, and maximum supply current of 2 mA are just a few examples of the excellent performance of this operational amplifier. The combination of outstanding specifications of the OP177 ensures accurate performance in high closed-loop gain applications. 

This low noise, bipolar input operational amplifier is also a cost-effective alternative to chopper-stabilized amplifiers. The OP177 provides chopper-type performance without the usual problems of high noise, low-frequency chopper spikes, large physical size, limited common-mode input voltage range, and bulky external storage capacitors. 


The OP177 is offered in the −40°C to +85°C extended industrial temperature ranges. This product is available in 8-lead PDIP, as well as the space-saving 8-lead SOIC.

Features of OP177 IC:-

  1. Ultralow offset voltage TA = 25°C, 25 μV maximum
  2. Outstanding offset voltage drift 0.3 μV/°C maximum
  3. Excellent open-loop gain and gain linearity - 12 V/μV typical
  4. CMRR: 130 dB minimum
  5. PSRR: 115 dB minimum
  6. Low supply current 2.0 mA maximum
  7. Fits industry-standard precision operational amplifier sockets


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