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Over and Under Voltage Relay Protective Device V-Protector Protector VP-40A

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Digital display self recovery over-voltage protector is mainly used for photovoltaic grid connected,household and similar low-voltage distribution lines. It can automatically disconnect when there is overvolatage,under voltage or voltage loss in the line,and can automatic detection of wire voltage.It is a protector that canautomatically closed when the line of electricity back to normal.


  1. The over voltage and under voltage protection threshold is adjustable,which is convenient for the user to set the voltage protection range in real time according to the power consumption environment.
  2. It can cut off the line in time when the over voltage occurs,and automatically connect the line after delay when the line is restored to normal without manual operation.
  3. Display range of effective voltage 70-400V
  4. With stand lightning surge voltage:5KV

Technical Parameters

  1. Electrical parameters
  2. Rated working voltage:AC230V/50Hz
  3. Rated working current:40A and 63A
  4. Maximum short-circuit withstand current:3000A below 40A,4500A above 50A
  5. Overvoltage protection value:AC230V-AC275V,factory default 275V
  6. Ambient temperature
  7. Action time:0-30S
  8. Power off time:2S(set 0-180S)
  9. Recovery time:2S(set 0-30s)

Package Include:

1xV-Protector Protector VP-40A  Voltage Relay Protective Device

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