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PC817 Photocopier Opto Isolator

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PC817 Photocopier Opto Isolator is 4 pins general-purpose optocoupler of generally used as an isolator between high voltage to low voltage;

Description Of PC817;

  1. PC817X Series contains an IRED optically coupled
  2. to a phototransistor.
  3. It is packaged in a 4pin DIP, available in wide-lead
  4. spacing option and SMT gullwing lead-form option.
  5. Input-output isolation voltage(rms) is 5.0kV.
  6. Collector-emitter voltage is 80V(*) and CTR is 50%
  7. to 600% at input current of 5mA.


  1.  I/O isolation for MCUs (Micro Controller Units)
  2.  Noise suppression in switching circuits
  3.  Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances

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