Photo Sensor For Disinfection Gate LOT

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This Photoelectric switch is a photosensor for disinfection gates also the use of the test object to blocked or reflected beam, by the synchronization loop gating circuit to detect the presence or absence of the object. All objects can reflect light that can be detected. E3JK-R4M1 AC90-250V square lens reflex photoelectric switch five lines


Voltage AC 250V / DC 10-24V
Output Current 3A
Ambient temperature 0-75 (℃)
Size 5x5x2cm
Separate Amplifier type of structure
Specular reflection type detection method

Integrated circuit technology and SMT surface mount technology and manufacture
a new generation of optical switch devices, with delay, broadening,
external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability,
Working for regional stability and self-diagnosis of intelligent features.

Small size, multi-function, long life, high precision, fast response,
detection distance and anti-light, electricity, magnetic interference capability advantages.

Package included:
1x Sensor Switch with reflector


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