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Pro Mini UNO Shield Adapter Board with Regulator / Fuse Adapter Board for Arduino Pro Mini to Connect with Module and Shield in Pakistan

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Rs. 1,000

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Online Shopping website for arduino Pro Mini UNO Shield Adapter Board. Here you get Pro Mini UNO Shield Adapter Board in low price in karachi, lahore, islamabad, rawalpindi, peshawar, gujranwala and all over pakistan.This is Arduino Pro Mini to UNO Shield Adapter Board. The red board and the colorful female pin headers make your project more impressive. It is a very popular Arduino project production.


  1. Dedicated to the Pro Mini board and other compatible board
  2. More convenient to connect the peripheral module to the Pro Mini board
  3. Compatible with the pin definitions UNO R3
  4. Use a multi-color female header so that the interface is easy to identify and particularly noticeable.
  5. Onboard 500mA resettable fuse to protect the power supply from the USB port and the DC jack at the same time.
  6. Leads out more GND, 5V pins, UART serial interface, an I2C interface, so it is more convenient to connect it to peripheral modules without additional IO expansion shield.
  7. Onboard 5V and 3.3V voltage regulator circuit
  8. Onboard DC jack socket and it can be powered by an external battery so it allows you to show your projects outdoor without the PC.
  9. Working voltage: 5V
  10. Working current: 500mA (Max)
  11. External input voltage: 7-12VDC

Pro Min UNO Shield 1

Pro Min UNO Shield 2

Package includes:

1x  Adapter board


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