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Pull-Out Original Lithium Ion CELL 3.7V 3000mAh li ion Battery Cell in Pakistan INR-20700A

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This is a universal and high quality Li Ion Cell having 3000mA capacity with 3.7v. Its Dyson Company manufactured cell for high performance applications like electric vehicles, vaccume pumps, portable tools and other high performance demands.  


Product and usage information:

  •  Dyson rechargeable battery INR - 20700A remove the machine, discharge current 30A
  • Discharging 2.50V Cutoff 560mA Standard
    35000mA Maximum
  •  20700 round Li-ion cell type.
  •  Nominal voltage: 3.7v.
  •  Full voltage (fully charged): 4.2v.
  •  Internal resistance: <20mOhm
  •  INR code - 20700A.
  • Capacity: 3000mAh.
  • -Actual capacity: about 2500mAh (ranging from 2000mAh - 2900mAh)
  • Condition: Used, removed from genuine Dyson battery
  • Pictures are taken in real time at the Store.

Package Includes:

  •  Price for 1 cell (tablet).

Note: This is a used product, the cells are not identical. Therefore, it is necessary to charge, balance the cell and carefully measure the parameters of the battery before using it
- If used for machine tool batteries, combine many cells together into a battery block, need to charge and balance cells. After that, measure and select cells with equal voltage, internal resistance and capacity, and then pair up to form a battery block
- If using individual cells, flashlight batteries or as backup batteries (ie cells are only connected in parallel, not in series), it is possible to use only fully charged cells.





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