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SDM230A 100A 230V Analog Display Single Phase kWh Meter In Pakistan

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The SDM230D “with a LCD screen for prefect reading”, SDM230A with an electromechanical register, are used to measure single-phase like residential, utility and Industrial application. The meter measures active energy meter (kWh) with a pulse output.

General Specifications

Voltage AC (Un) 230V
Voltage Range  176~276V AC
Base Current (Ib)   10A
Max. Current (Imax) 100A
Mini Current (Imin)  0.5A
Starting current  0.4% of Ib
Power consumption  <2W/10VA
Frequency   50/60Hz(±10%)
AC voltage withstand  4KV for 1 minute
Impulse voltage withstand  6KV-1.2uS wavform
Overcurrent withstand  30Imax for 0.01s
Pulse output rate  1000imp/kWh (default)
Display  SDM230D LCD (backlit optional)
SDM230A electromechanical register
Max. Reading  99999.9kWh
Active energy  Class 1 IEC62053-21
Class B EN50470-3
Operating temperature   -25℃ to + 55℃
Storage and transportation temperature  -40℃ to +70℃
Reference temperature 23℃±2℃
Relative humidity   0 to 95%, non-condensing
Altitude  up to 2500m
Warm up time  10s
Mechanical Environment M1
Electromagnetic environment E2
Degree of pollution  2

The meter provides a pulse output, which is passive type. The constant is 1000imp/kWh.

Pulse output must be fed as shown in the wring diagram below. Scrupulously respect polarities and the connection mode.
Opt0-coupler with potential-free SPST-NO Contact
Contact range: 5~27VDC  Max. current Input: 27mA DC

Din rail dimensions   36x99x63 (WxHxD) DIN 43880
Mounting  DIN rail 35mm
Sealing   IP51 (indoor)
Material Self-extinguishing UL94V-0


Package Included

1 x SDM230A 100A 230V Analog Display Single Phase kWh Meter


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