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0 To 1HP Single Phase DC Drive For DC Motor

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A DC drive is usually a variable output DC rectifier. This takes single-phase mains from transfer and rectified through an SCR controlled rectifier to develop an adjustable DC voltage. The connected motor needs to have a separated shunt field so that it can be connected to a separate fixed DC power supply. By controlling the output voltage of the DC drive, the motor speed can be controlled. By monitoring or controlling the output current of the DC drive, the output torque of the motor can be monitored or controlled.

This product is dc motor driver with adjustable min volt (adjustable via variable 1)max volt (adjustable via variable 2)and an option to add soft start (adjustable via variable 3) to protect overcurrent draw.


Features Of DC Drive:

  1. 1hp Dc motor driver
  2. Input:220 ac
  3. (optional) external Potentiometer
  4. (optional) tacho ( 0 to 20V)
  5. Output: 0-180 volt dc@10amp (arm output)
  6. 220 Volt dc (field output)
  7. 3 Adjustable variable
  8. Variable 1 Adjustments: min volt
  9. Variable 2 Max Volt
  10. Variable 3 Soft Start


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