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Small Planetary Gear Brushed Motor N60 for Diagnostic Equipment ( replacement of N20 Gear Motor)

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This gear motor is designed for intermittent duty operation because the planetary gearbox configuration provides the highest efficiency and best output torque of all our speed reducers. DC motors combined with planetary gear reducers are ideal for equipment in the agricultural and construction industries.

Features And Specifications Of Micro gear 3V DC electric motor for power perfect pore:

  • Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
  • 10mm gear motor provide 0.1Nm torque and more reliable
  • Suitable to small diameter, low noise, and big torque application
  • Rated Voltage: 2.0-3.0V
  • Speed(RPM): 30-130r/min
  • Continuous Current: 80-210mA
  • Reduction ratio:100、250
  • Dimension: Height:32 mm Width: 10mm




Package Include:

1XSmall Planetary Gear Brushed Motor N60 for Diagnostic Equipment

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