DC Buck Converter 30V 12A 100W Step Down Power Module XL4016

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This is DC/DC step down regulator module, adjustable +1.8 to 36Vdc output voltage at a maximum output current of 12A. Buck Converter is Ideal for battery-operated projects requiring a higher current regulated power supply.  These modules use the high efficient XL4016 DC/DC converter IC, and applications include LED drivers, battery chargers, and regulated variable power supply. This Stepdown converter operated in buck topology i.e. steps down converter. The input voltage must higher than the output voltage.

Features Of 12A 100W DC Buck Converter Regulator :

  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes (limit current 12A)
  • Overtemperature Protection: Yes (if over temperature, it will automatically shut down output)
  • Input Reverse Connection Protection: No (if necessary, please serial connect with diode on input port)
  • Connection Way: connection terminal free soldering (V-IN is input, V-OUT is output)
  • Application Fields: buck voltage for a storage battery, power converter, DIY adjustable voltage-stabilized power, etc

Specifications Of DC To Dc Step Down Power Supply Module :

  1. Name: 12A step-down board
  2. Character: non-isolated buck module
  3. Input Voltage: 5 -40V
  4. Output Voltage: 1.2 -36V continuous adjustable
  5. Output Current: 12A (max) 100W,
  6. Rated current: 8A
  7. Operating Temperature: -40 -85℃
  8. Operating Frequency: 180KHz
  9. Conversion Efficiency: 95% (max)
  10. Size: 60*51*22mm

Package Include:

  • 1 x Step Down DC Converter 30V 12A  XL4016

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