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Sine Wave STK672-050 3Amp Unipolar 6 Wires Stepper Motor Driver In Pakistan

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The STK672-050 is a stepping motor driver hybrid IC that uses power MOSFETs in the output stage. ... The use of this hybrid IC allows designers to implement systems that provide high motor torques, low vibration levels, low noise, fast response, and high-efficiency drive.

Pin Description;

Input Pins:

  1. 1 +5V; 5V OUTPUT .
  2. 2 CLK Clock Pulses from Mach3 Baord or Arduino
  3. 3 DIR: Direction Pin Logic 1 for Clockwise and 0 for anticlockwise direction.
  4. 4 ENA: Enable pin , Logic 0 for enable, Logic 1 for Disable

Output Pins:

  3. COM: A com Wire of stepper motor .
  4. COM: Center Wire of stepper motor .
  5. : BB: Coile B wire -B
  6. : B: Coile B wire B
  7. : AA: Coile A wire -A
  8. : A: Coile A wire A

Unipolar stepper board is high efficient stepper driver for Unipolar stepper motor been design for various application like CNC, robotics, control routers, lathes, mills, PCB drillers and engravers.

STK672-050 is a unipolar constant-current choppertype externally-excited 4-phase stepping motor driver
hybrid IC which uses MOSFET power devices. It has a
microstep operation-supported 4-phase distributed controller built-in to realize a high torque, low vibration, low
noise stepping motor driver using a simple control circuit.


• Microstep sine-wave driver operation using only an
external clock input (0.2Ωcurrent detection resistor
• Microstep drive using only an external reference voltage
setting resistor
• 2, 1-2, W1-2, 2W1-2, 4W1-2 phase excitation selectable
using external pins
• Selectable vector locus (perfect circle mode, inside 1
mode, outside 2 modes) to match motor characteristics
in microstep drive state
• Phase hold function during excitation switching
• Schmitt trigger inputs with built-in pull-up resistor
• Monitor output pin enabling real-time confirmation of
IC excitation
• The CLK and RETURN inputs provide an internal
noise elimination circuit as well as CMOS Schmitt circuit to prevent malfunction due to impulse noise.
• 4-phase distribution switch timing selected externally to
either CLK rising-edge only detection mode or both rising-edge and falling-edge detection mode
• ENABLE pin for excitation current cutoff, thereby
reducing system current drain when driver is stopped

STK672-050-E motor driver. The STK672-050-E is a stepping motor driver hybrid IC that uses power MOSFETs in the output stage. It includes a built in microstepping controller and is based on a unipolar constant current PWM system. The STK672-050-E supports application simplification and standardization by providing a built in 4 phase distribution stepping motor controller. It supports five excitation methods 2 phase, 1-2 phase, W1-2 phase, 2W1-2 phase, and 4W1-2 phase excitations, and can provide control of the basic stepping angle of the stepping motor divided into 1/16 step units. It also allows the motor speed to be controlled with only a clock signal. The use of this hybrid IC allows designers to implement systems that provide high motor torques, low vibration levels, low noise, fast response, and high efficiency drive.

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