TENSE VA Protector Adjustable Over And Under Voltage Relay Protective Device

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This TENSE VA Protector  Adjustable Over And Under Voltage Relay Protective Device is used for saving all electrical and electronics from electrical shocks like overvoltages under voltages, Overcurrents. Single-phase voltage protection relay can Cut off the power supply instantaneously when the line has over voltage and under voltage current faulty, so as to protect the electrical equipment from being damaged



Features Of TENSE VA Protector  Adjustable Under Over Voltage Relay:

  • Dual Display Under and Over Voltage protector
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Wire Protection

Specifications TENSE VA Protector  230V Adjustable Over And Under Voltage Protection Device:

  1. Supply voltage: 220 V
  2. Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  3. Operation Voltage Range: AC 80-400V(Single Phase)
  4. Electric Current (>A) setting range: 1-63A
  5. Overvoltage(>V) setting Range: 230-300V
  6. >V and <V Trip Delay: 0.5S
  7. Reset/Restart Delay: 1s-300s
  8. Rated Insulation Voltage: 400V
  9. Output Contact: 1NO
  10. Storage temperature: -50C to 55C

Package Includes:

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