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Thermal Barrier Throat 3d printer

B 35,IMP10,Th5,KRT
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MK7 PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Thermal Barrier Tube – 1.75mm – 3D. This is widely applied in many 3d printers. Suitable for MK7,8,9 and J Head Extruders, and many other similar 3d printers. Tapered opening for easily filament insertion. PTFE is a great material to maintain temperature, using a PTFE Liner in a thermal barrier tube, you can get the 1.75mm ABS or PLA filament to melt fast and keep the filament ready to extrude for longer. PTFE is used in the cartridge heater and you can also find PTFE Tube in a remote Extruder system. If you have a cheap Cartridge Heater, this thermal tube with ptfe liner can save your cost to use an expensive no sure quality heater.


  1. Inner Diameter is 2mm
  2. Length: 26mm

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