Flexible Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor RP C7.6 Force Sensor

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This is a Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor Smart Pressure. In order to achieve a better user experience, designing smart products with ergonomics, long battery life, and excellent weather resistance in a small and irregular space undoubtedly brings a lot of challenges to designers. Force-sensitive Resistor has ultra-thin, ultra-low power flexible sensors that can help designers turn ideas into reality. The flexible sensor collects dynamic or static force changes. By analyzing these force data, the most realistic motion scenarios can be restored at the application end to achieve precise counting, non-inductive touch, and weak vibration detection.

Features Of RP-C7.6 Thin Film Force Sensor:

  • The flexible sensor has the characteristics of flexible ultra-thin, ultra-low power consumption, and extreme speed response, etc.
  • Small size, this flexible pressure sensor is based on new nanometer pressure-sensitive materials supplemented by ultra-thin film substrate.
  • This pressure sensor has the characteristic of high stability, high consistency.
  • Highly sensitive flexible nanometer materials can realize highly sensitive detection of pressure.
  • When the sensor detects outside pressure, the resistance of the sensor will change.
  • Pressure signals can be converted into a corresponding electrical signal output using a simple circuit.

Specifications Of FSR Smart Pressure Sensor for Arduino:

  1. Model: RP-C7.6
  2. Manufacturing process: thin film
  3. Output signal: analog

Package Include:

  • 1x FSR Force sensor

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