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Toy Motor Mini DC Motor Mini Electric Motor PMMC Motor

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These Motors Are Often Used On Small Models And Are Ideal For Educational Applications Or For Experimental Use. Motor Is A Stout Dc Motor Useful In Many Hobbyist Projects Such As Radio Controlled Vehicles, Robotics, Model-Building, Home Automation etc. The output shaft of dc motor has a hold for best mounting for wheels and pulleys.


Specifications Of DC Motor:

  1. Operating Voltage Range = 3 - 6V
  2. Nominal Operating voltage = 5V
  3. No Load characteristics
  4. No load speed = 13600 r/min
  5. No load current = 0.45A
  6. At maximum efficiency
  7. Speed = 11360 rpm
  8. current = 2.92 A
  9. Torque = 2.92 mN-m
  10. Torque = 29.8
  11. Output = 3.47 W
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