UNI T 4 Channel Oscilloscope UPO2104E

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The UNI-T UPO2104E is a 4-channel oscilloscope for high performance and is a direct successor to the UPO2104CS. Compared to its predecessor, a number of specifications have been changed, for example, the 2104E has a memory depth of 56 Mpts and the waveform capture rate has been increased to 80,000 wfms per second. What makes this scope really unique is that it can use a separate time base per channel. Furthermore, the scope has a large number of functions and the trigger options have been drastically expanded.

Features Of 100MHz 4 Channel Digital Oscilloscope:

  • Comes with a USB interface for storing signals and measurement results.
  • Large 8" LCD screen and low noise floor, the scope displays all signals in great detail. 
  • 256-level intensity grading display, which is a nice feature for oscilloscopes in this price range.
  • Multiple signals are placed on top of each other to show the most common signals with more intensity.
  • This oscilloscope also offers color temperature indication to show more clearly how often values occur in a signal.
  • 4 channels oscilloscopes and can compete with the highly successful models such as those of Siglent and Rigol. 

Specifications Of UNI-T 4 Channel DSO :

  1. Bandwidth: 100MHz
  2. Channels: 4
  3. Sample rate: 1GSa per second
  4. Memory depth: 28Mpts (per channel)56Mpts (when using 1 channel)
  5. Waveform capture rate: 80,000wfms per second
  6. Trigger types: Edge, Pulse, Slope, Video, Run, Window, N-edge, Delay, Timeout, Duration, Setup/Hold, Code
  7. Vertical scale: 1mV/div - 20V/div
  8. Horizontal scale: 5ns/div - 50s/div
  9. Connectivity: USB Host, USB Device, LAN, AUX Out (Trig Out, Pass/Fail)
  10. Decode capabilities: RS-232/UART, I²C, SPI
  11. Display: 8" 800x480 TFT LCD, WVGA (800 x 480)
  12. Weight: 3.5kg
  13. Dimensions: 336 x 164 x 108mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 4 Channel Oscilloscope UPO2104E
  • 1 x 4 Probes
  • 1 x Power cord
  • 1 x USB Cable

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