UNI T Automatic High Intensity Laser Leveler LM555LD Waterproof Anti-dust Five Laser Sectors

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UNI-T LM555LD laser level enables you to locate the horizontal line, vertical line, and V-H cross-point accurately. The new and improved laser level is a perfect tool for building construction, home decoration, renovation, furniture installation, flooring, and project layout. This Laser leveler uses a semiconductor laser wavelength of 510nm-515nm. The laser line is clear and bright, and it has a strong light spot. The level can produce 5 layers sectors and a next point The laser fan is projected onto the wall product a horizontal and 4 vertical lines. The angle between 2 adjacent vertical lines is 90 deg, and the intersection is the zenith of the instrument.Green Light Leveler has application in Home decoration painting, stair floor laying, hanging decoration installation, wall construction, table layout, doors, and Windows installation

Features Of UNI-T LM555LD IP54 dustproof and waterproof green Laser Level:

  • Automatic leveling, easy to use, and reliable.
  • High-intensity green light can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • The feet are covered with soft rubber, which has a good anti-slip performance. With a tripod and adapter, it can be slashed in multiple directions at 180°.
  • The body is well-sealed, with IP54 dust and water resistance. A simple full fine-tuning mechanism can rotate 360°, can accurately find the target.

Specifications Of LM555LD Waterproof Horizontal Line Measuring Instrument Laser Leveler:

  1. Number of laser lines: 1H 4V 1D
  2. Laser increase points: 5
  3. Laser line accuracy: ±2mm /10m
  4. Launch angle: V≥110°, H≥130°
  5. Anping time: less than or equal to 5 seconds
  6. Anping range: ±3.5 degrees
  7. Anping method: re-swing magnetic damping
  8. Anping buzzer alarm: Yes
  9. Slash mode: Yes
  10. Outdoor pulse mode: Yes
  11. Dustproof and waterproof grade: IP54
  12. Drop height: 1 meter (4 sides)
  13. Working distance: point 25m / line 20m 200Lux visible
  14. Product size: 126X120X204.5mm

Package Include:

  • 1 x UNI-T Laser Lever LM555LD

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