UNI T Digital Mini Anemometer UT363

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UNI T Digital Mini Anemometer UT363 is a mini wind speed and wind temperature tester. This portable wind speed meter is equipped with the latest magnetic sensing technology which can directly display the airflow speed on the LCD display. This UT-363 air anemometer is a perfect tool for sports events, wind measurement, navigation, HVAC, and other areas. UT363 air velocity meter can be widely used in home/office/car fan air conditioning/exhauster wind speed measurement

Features Of UNI-T UT363 Wind Speed Meter:

  • Automatic power-off
  • HOLD function
  • Low battery indicator
  • MAX/AVG function
  • Overflow indicator
  • Pocket size

Specifications Of Pocket Anemometer Speed Temperature Tester Thermometer UT-363:

  1. Wind speed: 0~30m/s
  2. Wind speed accuracy: ±(5%rdg+0.5)
  3. Wind speed resolution: 0.1m/s
  4. Temperature: -10°C~50°C
  5. Temperature accuracy: ±2°C 
  6. Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
  7. Wind scale: Level 0~12
  8. Wind scale accuracy: ±(5%+0.5)
  9. Sampling rate: 0.5s
  10. Overload indication: OL
  11. Wind Speed Unit Selection: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph
  12. MAX/AVG:  Yes
  13. Data hold: Yes
  14. LCD backlight: Yes
  15. Auto power off 5 min
  16. Low battery indication: 3V~3.5V
  17. Power: 1.5V battery (R03) x 3
  18. Display: 32mm x 26mm
  19. Product color: Red and grey
  20. Product net weight: 118g
  21. Product size: 160mm x 50mm x 28mm

Package Includes:

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