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UNI T 40M Optical Handheld Laser Range Finder Telemeter Distance Meter UT390B

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UT390B+ is multi-purpose laser distancemeter with high precision. It can measure distance, area, and even obtainvolume data by using the Pythagorean Theorem. It is portable, reliable,operationally simple and fast. And it is a perfect substitute of traditionalmeasuring tool (tape, steel rule) which can be widely used in construction,decoration, property management, transportation, fire controlling, gardening,city planning, city appearance management, water conservancy testing, and electricpower maintenance industries.

Designed with versatile functions and especially for needs for high-precision distance measurements.

  • Lightweight and very simple, instant, reliable to measure, a tool that get your work done significantly easier.
  • Remarkable accuracy and fast measurement speed.
  • Laser intensity indication.
  • Innovative ergonomic structure design.
  • Smart volume and area calculations based on measured Length, width and height, no need of manual operation any more.

Widely used in household and engineering decoration, construction, real estate, gardening, city planning, water project monitoring, etc; a perfect substitute of traditional measurement tools(tape, ruler).




Package includes:

1x Laser Range finder


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