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A Complete Kit for IOT Development, Learning and Training

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Internet of things - IOT Projects Board. Here you get IOT Projects Board in reasonable price in karachi, lahore, islamabad, rawalpindi, peshawar and all over pakistan, Now built Industrial and home based IoT Products and make IoT Devices. ESP 8266 compatible

Unicorn IOT Project Board is the multipurpose Internet of Things DIY and learning project board. You can build an IoT project within minutes and deploy this board for long term use in your home and industry. Unicorn IOT Project Board is also a must training board for technical students and trainers.
Unicorn IOT Project Board covers basics to advance level learning related to the Internet of things Project. It is equipped with NODE MCU LOLin V3 for in-depth learning of ESP 8266 chip

Sample codes are ready to deploy professional projects which can give you an understanding of the power of the IoT Project Board.
Video tutorials are also available at Unicorn Devices PVT Ltd YouTube Channel

IOT Board Features:

  1. In depth of NODE MCU (ESP8266).
  2. Sam[ple IOT Projects.
  3. Free DIY project Manual with Codes.
  4. Complete Help of codes with Videos.
  5. IOT Projects with Free Android and.
  6. IOS Applications (Blynk and Virtuino).
  7. Complete MQTT Cloud Training for.
  8. IOT Development.
  9. Arduino Modules Compatible.
  10. Extended Analog Pins (8 Analogs).
  11. 5 x 4 Inch Size for Easy Deployment.
  12. Customizable for your own projects.
  13. Ideal for IOT Learners, Students and Professionals.

On Board Components 

  1. NODE MCU LoLin V3
  2. NOKIA  5110 Display 84 x 48 resolution 
  3. Motion Sensor 
  4. 2 x Relays 10A
  5. DTH temp/Humidity Sensor 
  6. Buzzer 
  7. 2 Display LEDs
  8. 2 Push Buttons 
  9. 1 x 8 Analog MUX 
  10. NODE MCU Male/Female Headers 
  11. Detachable Components for usage flexibility 
  12. Power Pin headers 
  13. MODE MCU pin out holes and pin headers for extendibility

Helping Material :

Project  Manual  (downloadlink 1)

Project  Manual  (downloadlink 2)
Sample Codes  at GitHub
YouTube Tutorial Videos

Manufacturer Website 


Project Manual (Unicorn-IOT-Board-Project-Manual.pdf, 1,339 Kb) [Download]


Very good built quality and very good project manual for fyp projects or semester projects. I have built home security Iot base solution for my home with this board and blynk application.
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