UNI T Digital AC DC Current Clamp Meter Multimeter UT204+


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UNI-T Digital Clamp Meter UT204+ measures current and probes measures voltage. AC DC Current Multimeter, having a hinged jaw integrated into an electrical meter allows technicians to clamp the jaws around a wire, cable or other conductors at any point in an electrical system, then measure current in that circuit without disconnecting/de-energizing it.

Features of UNI-T UT204+ Digital AC DC Current Multimeter:

  • The large-screen LCD display, fast ADC / analogue to digital converter.
  • Full-featured false detection protection, overvoltage, overcurrent alarm prompt.
  • True RMS; voltage measurement 600V.
  • NCV electric field detection with sound and light alarm prompt; LIVE live-line measurement.
  • With high voltage frequency measurement.
  • Full range overload protection.
  • Automatic range, digital hold.
  • Lightweight and small design, easy to carry.
  • Open clamp head for easy clamping.
  • Range gear, knob dial.
  • Test pen input, jack measurement.
  • Intelligent anti-burn protection.

Specifications of UNI-T Digital AC DC Current Clamp Meter UT204+:

Package Includes:

  • 1 x UNI-T UT204+ Digital AC DC Current Clamp Meter Multimeter
  • 2 x Test Leads
  • 2 x Temp Prob

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