VNH2SP30 Monster Moto Driver Shield In Pakistan

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This VNH2SP30 Monster Moto Driver Shield has an NH3SP30 chip which enables it to drive one DC motor. It has an extremely high current capacity of 14A per channel (peak of 30A for a few seconds). The thermal heating is minimal up till 4 to 5 amps. However, it would need a thermal dissipation device like a heat sink or cooling fan for higher currents.

Also, the difference in the standard Arduino Motor shield and Monster Motor shield is the change in the driving IC. In the standard Arduino Motor shield the IC used is L298 H bridge IC which has a current capacity of 1 A which is replaced by the VNH3DP30 chip with a 14A continuous current capacity with heat dissipation devices installed. This motor driver also has a thermal shutdown function possible as the thermal output is provided on the analog pin of Arduino.


  1. Capable to drive two DC motors or one stepper motor
  2. Continuous current capacity 14 A
  3. Peak Current capacity 30 A
  4. Thermal Shutdown pin configured to provide output to Arduino Analog Pin
  5. The maximum Voltage is 16V
  6. THE maximum PWM frequency is 30 kHz. For most of our Hi-Torque DC motors 12 V, 10 kHz PWM is recommended

Package Includes:

  1. 1 x VNH2SP30  DC Motor Driver Monster Moto Shield


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