12V Water Pump Motor

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Windshield Washer Pump Washer Motor for car in Pakistan may be used to replace a dysfunctional wiper water motor so that your vehicle's windshield can be cleaned again using the wiper system. A washer sprayer pump in a car's windshield wiping system moves washer fluid from a reservoir through hoses. The motorized pump pressurizes the fluid to allow it to be squirted from the hoses through nozzles onto the front and/or rear windshield of a car. This water motor for car runs on standard 12 volts DC.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Color: Off-white
  2. Product Name: Windshield Washer Pump
  3. Motor: Brush
  4. Type: DC Motor
  5. Voltage: 12V
  6. Outlet/Connector:    2 Outlet, 2 Pins connector
  7. Working Maximum Current: =3.8A /=3.8A
  8. Certification: ISO9001
  9. Fluid pressure: =1.6kgf/cm2/=2.5kgf/cm2
  10. Flow Rate: =220ml/10s [with P=1bar (100kpa/1.01971kgf/cm2)]
  11. Material: ABS
  12. Use: Winshield/ Window

Package includes:

1x windshield water sprayer motor

*Product image shown may be different from actual product sold. However, specifications are correct.

 Windshield Washer Pump Washer Motor Water Sprayer for car in Pakistan


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