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XLR 3 Pin Cable Connector 16mm Chassis Mount 3pin plug Adapter

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XLR Cable Connector 3Pin 16mm Panel Chassis Mount
Shiny and smooth appearance.
Stable conductivity, safe and reliable.
Ingenious self-locking design, male plug, and female jack are combined into a whole object for convenience and portability, but you can easily separate them through the operation.
Flame retardance/ fire retardance, long service life.
Widely used in various fields: aviation, navigation, computers, communication, transportation, alarm, navigator, machinery, electronics, and so on.
Quantity: 1 pcs
Condition: brand new
Shape: round
Pins: 3
Pin material: Copper Nickel Plated
Installation Diameter: 16mm
Total Length: 47mm
Material: aluminum alloy
Net Weight: 15.5g
Color: silver
Ambient Temperature: -50℃ to 70 ℃
Rated Voltage: 400V
Rated Current: 5A
Withstand Voltage: 1500V AC
Vibration frequency: 10 ~ 100Hz, acceleration up to 100m / s2
Impact frequency: 60 to 80 beats / min, acceleration up to 250m / s2
Centrifugal: acceleration up to 250m / s2
Service life: >500 times of plug & unplug
Package Included:
1x 3 Pins 16mm XLR Male Plug Female Jack Cable Connector Kit



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