YH-303D adjustable voltage Variable DC power supply for Soldering Station Yihua in Pakistan

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The YIHUA YH-303D laboratory source has a continuously variable voltage of 0-30V with a maximum current of 3A. Power Supply It is characterized by high stability, reliability, low wavelength and noise. 
Laboratory resources are used in workshops, laboratories, schools, electronic production lines.


  1. Digital display: voltage, current 
  2. Control: exact voltage and current 
  3. Continuous voltage control 
  4. Output voltage: 0-30V 
  5. Output current: 0-3A 
  6. Current limitation 
  7. 0.1 V accuracy 
  8. Two ranges of work on the current display mA / A 
  9. Short-circuit protection 


  1. Voltage stability <0.01% ± 2mV 
  2. Charging stability <0.01% ± 2mV
  3. Noise <1 mVrms (RMS) 
  4. Recovery time <100μS 
  5. Temperature coefficient <200PPM / ° C 
  6. Weight: 4.3 kg
  7. Size: 255 x 130 x 150 mm

Package Content:

  1. Power supply 30V 3A WEP YH-303D 
  2. Power cord 
  3. Interconnecting cables 
  4. Operating instructions

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