YH-852D+ 2in1 Lead Free Soldering Station Hot Air and Iron SMD Rework Station Digital Welding Tool with

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2in1 Lead-Free Soldering Station Hot Air and Iron 852d+ SMD Rework Station Digital Welding Tool with 4 Nozzle and 5 Tips is a brand new 2in1 SMD Rework Soldering Station 852D+.You can use hot air gun and soldering iron separately, with no interference with each other. SAMSUNG chip control circuit Adopted, it ensures rapid warming-up and stable accurate temperature control which at the same time not affected by airflow to really achieve lead-free soldering. Especially suitable for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand.


  1. Hot air and hot iron 2in1 rework soldering station 
  2. Dual LED digital displays to show precision temperature 
  3. SAMSUNG microcomputer control, quick warming-up 
  4. Adjust the airflow and temperature control rotation easily 
  5. Intelligence cool airflow features long service life of the machine and safe personal operation 
  6. Automatically stop rotation 
  7. ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components 
  8. High-quality resistance for durable use 
  9. Stainless steel holder for placing the hot air gun 
  10. Plastic stand for keeping the iron from flammable materials 
  11. Voltage: 200V  to 240V 50/60Hz AC


  1. Hot Air Gun 
  2. Power(540W) 
  3. Pump(Diaphragm) 
  4. Resistant (< 2) 
  5. Airflow(28L/min(max.)) 
  6. Temp. Stability (+/-2?) 
  7. Temp. Control (100~500) 
  8. Soldering Hot Iron 
  9. Power(60W) 
  10. Type (Black Handle) 
  11. Resistant (< 2) 
  12. Heater Material(Nichrome) 
  13. Temp. Stability (+/-2) 
  14. Temp. Control (100~500) 

Package Content:

  1. 1x 2in1 Soldering Station Unit 
  2. 1x Hot Air Gun 
  3. 1x Hot Iron 
  4. 1x Stand 
  5. 1x Holder 
  6. 1x Sponge 
  7. 3x Nozzles 
  8. 1x Manual 


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